The U SeaProtect range provides superior marine acoustic insulation, as well as thermal and fire protection, for a wide range of applications from cruise ships to offshore and OEM marine constructions. 

Using a unique patented technology based on 20+ years of R&D, ISOVER developed new-generation ULTIMATE™ mineral wool that combines all advantages of glass wool and stone wool for efficient marine acoustic insulation, as well as fire and thermal insulation. ULTIMATE™ mineral wool products have excellent sound absorption properties thanks to the unique internal micro-structure of the insulation mats comprising long interwoven fibers. ULTIMATE™ acoustic insulation materials also have higher air-flow resistivity values, from density 24 kg/m3 onwards, compared to traditional marine stone-wool products. 


Acoustic Insulation illustration

How can you achieve even better marine sound insulation results?

Quietude constructions are turnkey solutions for specific areas on board of your ship such as the engine/machinery rooms, discos, theatres, cinemas, designed to achieve high sound reduction performance levels (up to 53-54 dB). These constructions increase sound protection in the critical medium-low frequency range to provide technical solutions that significantly reduce noise levels. 

ISOVER’s quietude sound-barrier insulation is obtained by combining SeaProtect dB-Flex Alu sound protection membrane with other U SeaProtect acoustic insulation materials. This membrane is made from a visco-elastic polymer topped with reinforced Alu facing. By applying this membrane, you can increase the sound protection of a standard SeaProtect construction to 53dB (vs. 48dB). 

  • Significantly enhance noise reduction, by up to 53dB

  • Optimize your thermal and fire protection at the same time with ULTIMATE™ products

  • Install adapted sound-dampening insulation quickly and easily 

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How does Sea Protect dB-Flex work?

This acoustic insulation solution is based on the “mass-spring-mass” principle:

Sea Protect dB-Flex Alu plays the role of “mass”, reflecting some of the sound and letting the rest through
Sound is transmitted to the flexible insulation and U SeaProtect acts as damper absorbing and reducing the amplitude of the acoustic waves
The steel plate reflects back some of the sound into the insulation, which reabsorbs it;
The sound transmitted to the adjacent room is significantly attenuated