​Ventilation and insulation: Why choose CLIMAVER®?

CLIMAVER® is a state-of-the-art insulated ventilation duct system specifically designed for air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. 
See what happens when Saint-Gobain ISOVER, a company with decades of insulation experience, designs a pre insulated duct from the ground up.

Lighter. Tighter. Simply … better

CLIMAVER® self-supporting ducts were designed not only with building occupants in mind, but also ease of installation and reduced environmental impact. Unlike traditional ventilation ducts which require a separate exterior layer of insulation, CLIMAVER® insulation is integrated directly into the duct structure. Glass wool insulation is surrounded by highly durable interior and exterior facing surfaces for rigidity and ease of cleaning. These easy-to-assemble insulated ducts are adaptable to any project.

For installers

CLIMAVER® insulted ducts are delivered flat in a pallet, reducing the space required for transport. Once delivered and manufactured on the job site, the duct is exceptionally lightweight, making lifting and assembly easy. CLIMAVER® tools facilitate quick and accurate cuts. Angles, splits and boots are easily cut and assembled from the duct material itself, reducing the need for specialised connecting pieces. The result is a speedy one-stage installation compared to the multiple stages required for sheet metal insulated duct work.

For building occupants

Once installed, CLIMAVER® ventilation ducts enhance the interior environment in multiple ways. The insulated duct dampens the sound generated from mechanical components, resulting in a quieter, more comfortable environment. Duct interiors are resistant to microbes, mold  and fungi. All materials are fire retardant. Several exterior styles are available to compliment the aesthetics of any interior space.

For the environment

For decades, Saint-Gobain ISOVER has been committed to environmental stewardship in its manufacturing processes. CLIMAVER® insulated self-supporting duct materials are sourced from 70% recycled glass, and designed to be easily disassembled and recycled at the end of their usable life.