Installing your marine insulation: why choose U SeaProtect?

Discover a choice of marine insulation materials that are lightweight and simple to install for cost-effective fire, thermal and acoustic protection

Designed for a wide range of applications in cruise ships, offshore and OEM marine constructions, the U SeaProtect range makes your insulation installation easier, faster and more cost-effective.

After 20 years of intense R&D, ISOVER has launched a new-generation mineral wool that combines all advantages of glass wool and stone wool for efficient marine insulation. Based on a patented fiberizing process, ULTIMATETM mineral wool is totally shot-free with long, fine interwoven fibres.  This unique structure means that ULTIMATETM provides superior thermal, fire and acoustic protection, as well as being:

  1. Lightweight: 40% lighter compared to light weight stone wool
  2. Compressible: volume reduced by up to 60%
  3. Comfortable and quick to install: reduced mounting time and costs

Fast, cost-effective insulation installation

Adapting perfectly to any geometry, U SeaProtect products are compatible with different installation methods, depending on the shape and size of your stiffeners. Whatever method you use (wrap, box or Quick-Cover), ULTIMATE™ is as flexible as glass wool and easy to handle compared to denser, more rigid stone wool. This means you can wrap your marine insulation around complex forms more quickly with no edge breaks.

Breakthrough Quick-Cover system

To save more time and effort, ULTIMATE ™ can be applied with our revolutionary yet simple “quick-cover” system* to make your installation even more cost-effective:

  • No pins on stiffeners

  • Significantly reduced mounting time

  • No waste due to cut off

  • Simple and user-friendly

*Available for all steel constructions tested according to FTP Code 2010.

Densities Thickness Form Product Name   Theoretical waste due to cut-off    
          Distance between stiffeners    
        400 mm 450 mm 500 mm 550 mm
24 kg/m3 50 mm Roll
U SeaProtect Roll 24 Alu1
50 mm
(14m x 1.2 m)
0.0% 0.4% 0.0% 1.8%
        0 mm 50 mm  0 mm 250 mm
U SeaProtect Roll 24 Alu1
50 mm
(0.6m x 1.2 m)
33.3 % 25.0 % 16.7% 8.3 %
        200 mm 150 mm 100 mm 50 mm

Did you know…?

ULTIMATETM can be compressed into rolls to reduce its volume by up to 60% making it easier and cheaper for you to transport and store

More information about installing your U SeaProtect marine insulation products? Contact us!